How to get involved

In March and April 2016 we called  on men and boys in the UK to become Men United singing against prostate cancer to raise funds to combat this killer disease and support those who suffer from it.

Ladies could join in too by singing, sponsoring or organising their men and boys to sing.

If you can’t run to raise money, why not sing.  Lets make this an annual #getmensinging event whether you are an established choir, a group of friends, a school, college, business, public service or you just want to do something for a good cause on your own.

Now is the time to plan for next year… or why not grow a moustache and sing for Movember this year.

Here are a few suggestions for events you might like to try…

  • an old fashioned sing along in your local pub
  • busking,
  • make a recording, 
  • a pop-up choir,
  • a karaoke session,
  • start your own singing group,
  • get sponsored to sing on your own or with a mate, 
  • a choir open rehearsal,
  • a men’s singing workshop,
  • a flash mob,
  • a concert

We know you’ll have lots of other great singing ideas to raise funds for this worthy cause.

Here is how you can get involved..

  • All you need to do is:
    • pick a date in March (Prostate Cancer Awareness Month)  or November (Movember campaign)
    • decide what you want to do
    • do it
    • raise some money doing it
  • set up a Virgin Money Giving or Just Giving site.
  • Send us some info about your event and we’ll post on our blog and Twitter account

Contact us at follow us on Twitter @getmensinging and Facebook

Click on the link below and fill in the form  to request publicity materials from Prostate Cancer UK for your event.

Prostate Cancer UK Fundraising Materials Form

Prostate Cancer UK Sponsorship Form

If you need any help with fundraising check out Prostate Cancer UK’s guidance

Remember… if you can’t run a marathon and you don’t fancy jumping out of a plane, you can always sing or sponsor a mate to sing.

So now… it’s over to you.

Good luck and many thanks for your support.

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